The Ibiza holiday my personal experience

The Ibiza holiday my personal experience.

Hi everyone, it’s been a hectic period lately for me, very busy with many things that needed my attention.
I want to tell you today about my holiday to Ibiza, a wonderful destination to escape the daily routine, a routine that is draining your energy.

The Ibiza holiday my personal experience.

I wanted to have a very good time this year, so I decided to go to Ibiza, this tiny island is the place where many people evade for fun, good food, and great music.

The moment I book my holiday I was counting the days left until my flight will take me to a totally different world and yes I don’t regret this experience.
When I arrive at Ibiza airport, a warm wave hit me, along with fresh air, positive vibe and excitement that I really make it this year. I booked my seven days holiday at Siesta Club Ibiza, a three-star hotel, quite decent with all-inclusive, very friendly staff and wonderful food. 

The only bad thing about this hotel are towels, they were quite dirty for a hotel with yellow stains on them, also my shets hasn’t been changed until me and my sister we removed by ourselves and we put them on the floor so cleaning staff see them. 
We did well by doing this because otherwise the sheets wouldn’t be changed at all in seven days. I also had to clean the floor on my own, because the cleaning service was very bad, they didn’t pay too much attention….. I felt frustrated sometimes, but I try to see the good side of everything. 

A very important bit about this place is how noisy it gets at the night time… I couldn’t sleep very good, because people were getting drunk and starting to shout at 2-3am, not very pleasant when you try to get some sleep and wake up fresh for the next day. 
If you want to have fun, this is not the right town to be, tourists are mainly old, so try to book your holiday exactly in the city centre of Ibiza ( San Antonio is much better, close to clubs and pubs).

Santa Eulalia Ibiza
Enjoying the coffee on the hotel balcony with a splendid view towards
Santa Eulalia Ibiza
Santa Eulalia to Ibiza city centre

Because we wanted to have fun and try a top-notch club, we decided to go from Santa Eulalia to Ibiza city centre, which is about 20 minutes driving. On 7th June, we celebrated the birthday of my sister at Pacha Club, one of the most famous clubs in the world. 


Pacha Club is one of the most famous clubs in the world where top Dj’s like Pete Tong, Annie Mac, David Guetta and many others playing their music.
This club is very beautifully decorated, music quality is fantastic, lights and dancers make the atmosphere to explode. That night was David Guetta invited, for that reason we paid 80 Euros entrance ticket per person. A little overpriced for the music that David Guetta had played, repeating same songs from Avicii more than five times, I was a bit disappointed by his music, because, before his show start, music was much better.

Look elegant in sexy dress and high heels
Wearing New Look sandals

We haven’t booked a table that night, which I regret it, because we had to stand all night, no sofas around and the place gets so packed, you can’t even move to get outside.
Few tips for you before you go to Pacha Club:
– Book a table
– Get comfy shoes – don’t dress too sexy or too elegant, this is not the place to shine or stand all night on high heels. People here come to get drunk, rave and jump. If you wear high heels you might have trouble because some drunk people will start to push so being overcrowded, you will regret not getting trainers.
– If you buy a drink hold it in your hand, otherwise, waiters will collect it, even if you had only a sip from that drink. Do not leave the drink out of your hand. It happens to me once and after I see the waitress doing this practice with other people too. This is to make people buy more drinks which are way too overpriced ( 18 Euros two Sprite, 35 Euros two vodka and one red bull – you do the math how much profit is making this club an this is just one of the many other clubs at Ibiza).
– Buy your ticket online, is much cheaper than the entrance fee.
– The club is opening at 12 noon.
– Watch your purse and pockets as there are very suspicious faces and you don’t want to end up without phone or wallet in the morning.
– When decided to get home by taxi, leave a bit early as at around 4.30 am people are queuing for a taxi.
– Watch out for bodyguards, as they are very tough, strict and don’t allow you to take your shoes off. They forced me to put my high heels on my foot.


This is a list of things you should remember before going to Pacha Club, there might be other things but this is what I experienced, if you have other stories, feel free to write your comment below.

Next day I was really tired and need lots of sleep, which I did…

After I felt the vibration of Ibiza club, we started to explore this tiny town of Santa Eulalia… wearing slippers, some comfy jeans shorts, my favourite body, sunglasses and we hit the road, of course walking, because in one hour we did the tour of this place. Once we started to walk towards the town centre, my eyes couldn’t get enough of these beautiful houses ( traditional Spanish houses) with pubs and bars exactly like in The Mask of Zorro movie 🙂 🙂 

I admire the Nautica park with posh yachts from all around the world and continuing walking, we claim up towards Iglesia del Puig de Misa church. Once up there we could see the whole town and the Mediterranean Sea with tiny ships moving constantly to create a buzz for tourists. 

Coming back downhill, through the narrow roads, a delicious smell of Jasmine flower forced me to follow the fragrance and I stop for a few minutes to enjoy this fantastic smell of magic Jasmine.

This magic flower is spreading her scent through the whole street. On every corner of Santa Eulalia was smelling at Jasmine fragrance.

My next favourite destinations are Turkey – Istanbul, Monte Carlo and California. I have plenty of time to decide, but hope will happen soon.

One more thing to remind you before you travel anywhere, don’t forget to buy your travel insurance. I got mine from Meerkat website for 4.50£ and I had peace of mind that anything happened I would get compensation, but likely didn’t need to claim anything.

Thank you guys for reading my article and look forward to seeing your stories from Ibiza.

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