The best Groupon discount codes for Black Friday. Shop for a fraction of the cost with Groupon codes this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shopping online has become a very popular trend when it comes to buying products such as electronics, clothing, food, perfumes, services, or holiday packages. Sitting in the comfort of your own home and scrolling through fabulous Groupon deals is like a dream come true for many people.

Even rich people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are using coupons for shopping

When is Black Friday?

In 2019 Black Friday is on 29th November, followed by 2nd December Cyber Monday.

What to Expect

Coupon code websites are working with retailers to deliver the best discounts possible. While some offers are genuine, others are misleading people by upgrading the price a week or more before the Black Friday event, so they can create an illusion of a discount, pretending they are offering a great deal. Many online shoppers got burned in preview years and now they learn a thoughtful lesson. Do proper research! 

Everyone is looking for a good deal. Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year. Not because people want to do their shopping early, but because you can save a whole lot of money.

When we think about how fast time flies, we just realize that traditional shopping in physical stores is without question sucking an enormous amount of time, not to mention the effort, the traffic jam, but also unexpected things, quite frequently it happens to visit a store for a specific item and the stock runs out by the time you arrive to search, try and buy your desired product.

Consumers do not have to sacrifice what’s most precious – their time, to get the best deals and savings that they usually get from department stores since they can also acquire the same benefits and convenience when shopping online. 

The best Groupon discount codes for Black Friday

These days even rich people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are hunting for the best deals and let me tell you why. Because you feel like you achieved something, you feel empowered, and you feel the taste of victory against the merchant, not because you hate merchants but is human nature to feel privileged, groomed, and somehow specially treated.

Large marketplaces like Groupon understand that and they are the middle man that negotiates these massive discounts with merchants in order to keep customers happy and serve them irresistible coupon codes, every single day, for any kind of product.

Once you understand how to use Groupon deals you will get addicted to online shopping

Let me elaborate a bit on what is Groupon and how it works:

I will explain quickly what is Groupon and how it works, just in case you’ve never heard of this giant platform that helps you to save big money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the whole year round.

Groupon is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, founded in 2008 in Chicago USA, which connects subscribers with online and local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services in almost every country.

From 2008 to the present, Groupon has been the subject of many news across the world, at one point, buyers like Yahoo and Google were offering more than $5 billion to acquire this company, but things changed in the last few years, and today Groupon is valued at $1.65B.

The worth of Groupon did not change the deals they have listed on their website, on contrary, you can find incredible offers for many items and services, on top of that, you will be blown away to discover that Slickdeals makes online shopping from Groupon even more fun.

If you check the Slickdeals website (Slickdeals is another authority website that provides coupon codes for many marketplaces like Groupon and well-known brands) they offer coupon codes and deals even for Groupon, a super mega discount, if followed accordingly, you probably end up buying from Groupon for free.

You heard that right, some less expensive items can be bought on Groupon Black Friday for pennies if you use coupon codes from Slickdeals.

Money is a very sensitive subject for many people – get full advantage of Groupon Black Friday deals

What you have to do in order to unlock these shopping offers, is to check out Slickdeals website first, then redeem the coupon code which you will apply when checkout on Groupon. Nice and sweet deals, just what buyers like you need.

In the past, I’ve used Groupon discount codes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to buy spa treatments in London and Milton Keynes (to be exact, I bought a spa package for two from Bannatyne’s health club through Groupon), jewelry, hair care and electronic devices such as hairdryer, hair straighteners, play station for my partner and lots of toys for my nephews.

 I’m the kind of person who looks after everyone on Christmas, so every time I buy something, I make sure to check for discount codes you should do the same, shop smart, especially if you have kids and pets; by doing so, shopping will be less overwhelming and you can afford all those treats for your little ones.

Teach your family members and friends to create a habit of using coupon codes, that way, we as consumers will keep the prices low, so retailers will abide according to people’s needs.  

What I like the most about Groupon is the way their website operates, is very clean and simple, easy to browse offers and add to your cart their goal from the beginning was to make the world a better place and to help people save money.

Just when we think about how many people have health conditions that limit their lives, or elder ones who barely climb the stairs and cannot leave their homes to shop in physical stores, makes me realize how important is online shopping for groceries.

Let’s not forget the students who bury themselves with student loans just so they make a career once they graduate. Groupon Black Friday deals are extremely helpful for students short of cash, therefore they wait for this event to bag a bargain either for their personal needs, from fashion items to home decor accessories, a laptop, or smartphone, beauty products, or eating at local restaurants.

Almost every online marketplace has special offers for students, not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make sure to use that privilege every time you need to buy something.

I’m pretty sure you know how sensitive is money subject, that’s why I made a list with some of the best Groupon Black Friday deals. Always remember, but only if you really need that item and not because it has got a large discount.

My Groupon suggestions for Black Friday deals

1.  Three Pairs of Philip Jones Sterling Silver Christmas- Themes Earring

Pairs of Earrings
how could you resist such a Groupon offer?

Can you believe these Philip Jones sterling silver earrings can be bought on Groupon for only £4.99?  And that’s for 3 pairs of earrings. You can keep one for yourself and give the rest as a gift to someone. From Groupon, you can see that 800 people already bought these earrings, and is limited time left to enjoy this super cool deal.

2. 17% OFF for Remington ProLuxe Hair Dryer on Groupon Black Friday deals

Hair Dryer

The reason I recommend this hairdryer is that I already bought one from Groupon and it does a fantastic job. As you can see from their website, people are searching for this product and they want to buy it. Don’t forget to use the Slickdeals coupon code for money off Groupon checkout. After I did some research, I can confirm that Slickdeals has $10% OFF coupon codes for Groupon, a Limited number available!

3. Up to 50% on Spa Day for Two at Bannatyne’s Health Club with a Groupon discount code

Health Club

This specific deal is what I bought not long ago, for that price you must be crazy not to enjoy a well-deserved massage. At Bannatyne Health Club they have so many beauty and relaxation services hard to resist.

The spa is beautifully designed with a pool and jacuzzi and very knowledgeable friendly staff. This Groupon deal is trending, so grab it now while is on, tomorrow might be too late.

4. Mind-blowing! 67% OFF on Porto Q Full HD Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam with Optional 16GB MSD Card only on Groupon deals

Dash Camera

This dashcam is a real necessity for your daily life. Keep your eyes on this offer because Black Friday and Cyber Monday will lower the price even more. 

5. Top discount code on Groupon –  83% OFF for Invisible Brest Lifting Bra

Breast lifting bra

Ladies, throw away your traditional bra and enjoy the freedom that is offering you this Invisible Bra, only on Groupon. More than 1000 people bought this product and are very much in demand.

There is no question why, only women who wearing bra will understand the strain they going through, but that’s over now. Search for this invisible bra on Groupon and buy it while it last.

You can shop almost anything on Groupon – gadgets – holidays – spa packages – dental service

6. 76% OFF for Sky Phantom Drone with Optional Camera, VR Headset, 4GB SD Card, and Card Reader 

Phantom Drone

  I’m a very big fan of gadgets and so does my partner. In the last two years, I bought two Phantom drones as Christmas gifts for my partner from Groupon and that’s because the first drone had an accident, I had to get a new one.

This drone can be a great gift for kids also, just make sure he/she follows the safety instructions to avoid any kind of injuries. From the Groupon website, we can see that more than 200 people bought this gadget and so we might expect even further discount if this deal last until Black Friday.

7.  Get a cool 55% OFF for a TeePee-Style Tent in a Choice of Design

Tee Pee Style tent

Surprise your little one with this adorable tent that can be bought for less than half of its original price on Groupon. This is just one example of what gifts you can buy for your children from this addictive marketplace.

There are so many bargain toys and games for kids on Groupon, you just have to make a list, compare prices and shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to receive them on time for Christmas.

8.European Christmas Markets 2 or 3 Nights in a Choice of 12 Cities with Flights included from £69

Eauropean christmas market

Now you wonder, what else has to offer Groupon? Well yes, even holiday packages you can buy on Groupon Black Friday for a ridiculously small price. Flight and hotel included, all you have to do is to choose a date and a city and pack your bags for a getaway.

Many travelers spend a little fortune on AIRBNB without knowing what deals they missing on Groupon, and that’s just for the accommodation itself. Next time when you search for Christmas Markets in Europe and around the world do me a favor and save your hard-earned money, just use Groupon discount codes, and you will thank me one day. Now you haven’t got any excuse not to travel!

9.Bunty Lounger Washable Pet Bed for just £9.98

Pet Lounger

Don’t forget your pets on Black Friday, they need goodies just as we do. Many more cheap pet supplies can be found on Groupon. When you find pet food deals, and buy large quantities to save money, you might not realize the value of savings immediately, but in the long run, every penny matters. 

10. One or Two Burberry Festive Beauty Boxes for 31% Off on Groupon.

Burberry Beauty Boxes

Who doesn’t love designer makeup? Everyone does, so grab this Burberry Beauty Box bargain while is on, because every woman will feel like a princess with such a glamorous Christmas gift. Buy it now for less, wrap it carefully and you are set for Christmas.

More branded cosmetics are available on Groupon, what I have listed in this article is just to give you an idea of what online deals you can find, without even leaving the house.

A little resume of what to expect from Groupon Black Friday and Cyber Monday

After going through Groupon reviews, you will discover that many people are satisfied with the amazing deals they are able to obtain through this site. Certainly, the only way you will know for sure if you are satisfied with these deals is if you try them out for yourself.

Check their site and see if there is a deal of the day that interests you. You will be very pleased with the great savings you can get, especially since it ranges from 50% to 90% in discounts.

How do I use Groupon to get maximum discounts on Black Friday?

From your Groupon account, check the ‘My Groupons’ option to view your available coupons, and follow the instructions of the link “how to use”. Bear in mind that local deals require you to print the coupon and use it as quickly as you can.

For students: 

How do you get a student discount on Groupon?
Obviously, to receive 25% Off the local deals you must register and verify your student status. Once verified, your discount code will automatically be applied to your cart total.

For pensioners:

Groupon does care about pensioners too, they have 25% Off Senior Membership at National Trust, plus a heavy discount for magazine subscriptions which our elderly ones love so much. Besides those specific deals for pensioners, they can enjoy the other offers for household, travel, and shopping just as regular people.

If you find some irresistible offers for Groupon Black Friday share them with us, and let’s help everyone save money. Share this article on your social media if you find it useful and Happy Shopping! 

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