Summer vibe cocktails for every taste

Summer vibe cocktails for every taste. If you already dreaming for that summer holiday, sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere, these cocktails recipes will top up your dreams even more.

Summer vibe cocktails for every taste.
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Nothing says summer like sitting on lawn furniture with an ice-cold cocktail. The classic summer cocktails for adults will include some kind of alcohol, from vodka to champagne and rum, but also non-alcoholic cocktails like smoothies.

The idea when making cocktails is to have fun, be creative and experiment as you feel like. Some of the cocktails listed below are that simple, that can be done in less than 2 minutes. A great help to achieve fabulous results in homemade summer cocktails is a blender, lots of ice and fresh aromatic herbs.

A real help in the kitchen is a high-quality blender

Pick any of the cocktail recipes listed below and let that summer vibe touch your senses. You can try every weekend a new recipe until you decide which one you like more.

Our summer cocktail recipe list:

  1. Smoothie watermelon cocktail
  2. Raspberry Bellini Parfait
  3. Summer lemon gin cocktail
  4. Sour Cherry Gin Martinez
  5. Pina Colada Recipe 
  6. Delicious Grapefruit
  7. Strawberry Mojito
  8. Mimosa Cocktail
  9. Sex on the Beach
  10. Margarita cocktail

Smoothie watermelon cocktail

Summer vibe smoothie watermelon cocktail

Recipe in this video

Raspberry Bellini Parfait

Raspberry Bellini Parfait cocktail

Recipe here

Summer lemon gin cocktail

Summer lemon gin cocktail.

Recipe here:

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Sour Cherry Gin Martinez

Sour Cherry Gin Martinez

Recipe here:

Pina Colada

Pina Colada cocktail recipe

Recipe here:

Delicious Grapefruit Cocktail

Delicious Grapefruit Cocktail recipe

Recipe here:

Strawberry Mojito cocktail

Strawberry Mojito cocktail Recipe

Recipe here:

Mimosa Cocktail

 Mimosa Cocktail recipe

Recipe here:

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe

Recipe here:

Margarita cocktail

Margarita cocktail recipe

Recipe here:

If you miss the summer and want to practice your bartending skills at home, these cocktail recipes are easy to make and taste delicious.

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