Rental kitchen makeover with a small budget

Rental kitchen makeover with a small budget – DIY rental kitchen transformation. We like it or not, when we live in rented property chances are that the design is not one of the cosiest.

Rental kitchen makeover with a small budget - DIY rental kitchen transformation
Rental kitchen makeover with a small budget

Some places lack of storage spaces, not to mention that furniture might be older than the pyramids, the floor makes creaky noises even if a flea passes by, so is almost impossible to live in such conditions.

Redecorating a rental kitchen can be challenging, but very rewarding also

Starting a rental kitchen makeover with a small budget might sound easy and fun for some, and scary for other people, but once that thought crosses your mind is hard to ignore it. Often tenants lower their living standards and accept living in a small apartment or house in bad conditions, just so they can afford to pay the rent and make it through every month.

In United Kingdom we all know how property market changed, hard-working people spend almost all their wage on rent, council tax and bills and they have to manage household and groceries very wisely in order to sustain their living.

Many tenants cannot afford or are not allowed to redecorate the property they live in, which creates frustrations, but there are options to transform a rental kitchen with a relatively small budget, all you have to do is to start the project and let your imagination free. Research ideas, watch YouTube videos for rental kitchen makeover and make a list with everything you need, calculate your budget and build the place you want to feel at home.

When I decided to redecorate my rental kitchen, it was a necessity, not an option

When I decided to redecorate my rental kitchen, it was a necessity, not an option. My kitchen was dated, darker and dull and did not offer me the comfort I needed, so I took the matter in my own hands and decided to change almost everything.

This is not my first property renovation, I totally transformed an old apartment in Romania, another one I redecorated in a modern style which soared with tenants interest and many other projects which I’m kinda good at what I do because I have massive satisfaction when I create something with my own hands.

As you can see from before images, my kitchen was very dark and that’s because of the New York wallpaper, as much as I like the view towards Manhattan, I had to replace it with something light and bright, so I did.

You can check the video on my YouTube channel for a better impression of my rental kitchen makeover with a small budget.

A bright wallpaper can be perfect for Feng Shui houses also

The first thing I did to change the design of my kitchen was the wallpaper. I gently removed the old wallpaper and I saved it (if you need it let me know), then I started to attach the new one which has brick wall design, something very modern that can be used even for Feng Shui homes. To attach the wallpaper on the wall I improved a little bit and I used my own technique, which is quick and fairly easy, but also low cost.

a wallpaper is changing totally the design of any room

To properly attach the wallpaper on the wall I used a double-sided adhesive band to have less work when I will have to remove it (eventually when I move out from my rented flat, I will have to paint the wall exactly how it was when I moved in). This double-sided adhesive band is very efficient to attach any kind of wallpaper on the walls and make it easy to remove it when you need to.

The next step to my rental kitchen transformation was to paint the walls. This might not be necessary for other people, but… believe me, the difference from before and after is tremendous.

From the photos, you cannot see exactly how dark were the kitchen walls (because of toasted bread and grilled food) but once the new wall paint was dry, everything started to become so bright instantly, almost like a new house. Another reason for painting the kitchen walls is because it changes the smell, just as you step into a newly built apartment.

Once I fixed the wallpaper and the paint was dry, I removed the carpets and the white curtains and I replaced them with brand new ones.

The white curtains I bought them from eBay for less than £15 (because my kitchen have three windows, I bought a 5 meters long curtain and I cut it myself at home according to the measures of the windows).

One important thing that changed dramatically my kitchen is the carpet. When I saw this Mondrian rug on Amazon, I fell in love with the colours and I had to buy it. I’m extremely happy with the quality of this modern rug, is easy to clean and keeps the floor very warm.

To keep the room warmer during the winter I use another rug (bought it from B&Q) is easy to clean and most likely I will remove it in the summer.

Trying to decorate the kitchen in a Scandinavian style is not easy and comes with a huge bill

I also displaced the old table and chair and bought a new one from Amazon for an unbelievable price.

In principle I wanted to create a Scandinavian kitchen décor; despite the fact that I try my best to find pieces of décor and accessories with Scandinavian style and as cheap as possible, I had no luck.

Everything related to Scandinavian décor exceeded my budget and I had to re-think my options, so I pick this table from Amazon. The quality of the table is decent, it does the job and improved the kitchen décor enormous, I couldn’t ask more for this price.

I normally don’t like to complain, but the person who designed this apartment was an amateur. I’m not surprised, because is a very common situation with the houses in UK.

When they installed the kitchen furniture, they did not consider a proper setting for washing machine. You probably noticed in the pictures and the YouTube video I made that washing machine is wide open in the corner and that’s because the water pipes are placed in there.

To cover the washing machine, I want to use the Japanese room dividers, unfortunately, it didn’t match the dimensions of that little corner, so I have to make one myself (I will record all the steps for this project and share with you on my YouTube channel). Subscribe to my blog newsletter to receive fresh articles and notifications about new videos I upload.

The laundry basket is from Matalan.

I consider every detail when I redecorate a property, additionally, the rustic laundry basket blends perfectly within the modern kitchen style.

A little secret to keep your kitchen smelling fresh every single day

Now I will reveal my secret to keeping a fresh smell in the kitchen, and that’s the wax sachets from ( I currently have the winter pine wax sachet because is almost the Christmas season.

Another thing that improves the smell in my kitchen is the room diffuser from Next UK. The actual fragrance of my reed diffuser from Next is Dark Orchid and Patchouli which is quite strong and eliminates the cooking smell. So far I cannot find that fragrance anymore on their store, so I will have to choose something else when will finish.

My secret to keep my kitchen smelling fresh all the time. Make your kitchen smell fresh with this little trick.

An extra tip to keep your kitchen smelling fresh every single day, is to burn a candle for one or two hours, I do this every time I cook and candle fragrance helps to remove the cooking smell very efficient ( remember not to burn a candle for more than 4 hours continuously, is dangerous for your health).

From a depressing and dark kitchen to a fresh and bright dining room. A real kitchen transformation with photos.

I really hope my project will be an inspiration for you if you want to redecorate your kitchen and look forward to your opinions in a comment below. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive new and interesting articles in your mailbox.

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