Real ways to make money from home

Real ways to make money from home which you never considered. Further down to this article we will talk about how to make money online for beginners and for more expert ones. Creative ways to make money from home.

Real ways to make money from home
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We’re all feeling the pinch after the year that 2020 has been. With thousands of people facing reduced hours or heaven forbid total redundancy. The lead up to Christmas surely doesn’t help.

With the costs of buying things like presents, Christmas dinner, lights, decorations, etc., the added strain of Christmas can make a lot of us nervous for the New Year.

Real ways to make money from home

So it’s no wonder that plenty of us are looking for smart ways to make a bit of extra dough online.

But what are the best ways to earn an income through the internet? Can it really be that easy? How can you maximise your profits without maximising your workload?

These are the first questions that came to any would-be entrepreneur’s mind. Luckily, I’ve been there myself, and after a few years of success (and plenty of failures!), I’ve figured out a thing or two about generating an income by just surfing the web.

So, if you’re a home-based freelancer in the making who wants to learn some real methods to make extra money after Christmas, check out my list down below.

Sign Up To A Freelance Site

Make money from the comfort of your own home with these methods

Whether it’s Upwork, Fiverr, or any other client-freelancer site on the web, you can quickly sell your services online to upwards of millions of potential clients.

You’re probably thinking “But I don’t have any skills to sell!”. While most of us don’t have a pre-package set of services ready to advertise, everyone has a number of skills they’ve gained through their career that can be put to use.

Think you’re a dab hand at making social media posts? Sell yourself as a social media guru. Are you decent at knocking out a logo or two? Offer cheap logo creation for up-and-coming businesses.

There’s always something you can sell, and the best part of sites like Fiverr is that you don’t need to specialise, meaning you can offer a variety of services covering lots of different topics.

Get Paid For Searching the Web

How many times do you search the web in a day? It’s probably quite frequently. But what if you could make money just by utilizing your regular web surfing habits? Well, with sites like you can. works by adding sponsored advertisements to all of your searches. The benefit of adding these custom ads is that you get paid every time one of them shows up. While each individual payment isn’t massive, they quickly add up in your online ‘piggy bank’. Before you know it you’ll be growing your own little income on the side.

Currently, Qmee works on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay, so you don’t need to start using a site or search engine you don’t already use. What’s more is that the platform also offers surveys for cash as well, which is another money-making tip that’s coming up next…

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Fill In Surveys For Quick Cash

Sites that supply surveys for cash are rife on the internet. While the money isn’t great, it can be a guaranteed way to make a little bit of cash if you really need it.

The idea is simple: advertising and marketing companies need honest responses to questions on buying habits, brand recognition, etc. Because of this, sites are willing to pay you bits of cash just for answering surveys.

The range of surveys is pretty big. You could be covering anything from shopping, TV shows, holiday destinations, you name it. The downside to this way of making money is that it’s long, laborious and not particularly interesting.

Still, if you find that you could really use the extra cash, then survey sites are an easy and reliable place to spend your time.

Sell Smart on Auction Sites

Real ways to make money from home which you never considered before

Sites like eBay (other auction sites are available!) are great for finding bargains and selling off your unwanted belongings.

But these sites are also fantastic avenues for setting up your own micro-business directly from home. In fact, if you play your cards right, you can run the entirety of a second-hand store without having to leave the comfort of your desk.

You may already have some interesting and valuable pieces in your home. Whether its clothing or art you could be sitting on some serious dough. But after you sell a couple of items, you can easily start buying cheaper items and selling them for a profit.

It takes a bit of technique and a good eye, but there are plenty of items on auction sites that sell for significantly less than they are worth. If you can grab some, you can make a tidy profit. Make sure to research keywords that other users include in their listings, and you’ll start to see what items people are willing to splash out on.

Sell Off Your Academic Materials

Students rejoice! Thanks to the internet, there are very easy ways for you to make money on your old study notes and other academic materials. With more young adults (and mature adults) heading to higher education these days, there is a big demand for high-quality study aids in all academic fields.

One popular site to do this on is Stuvia, where nearly 200,000 users flock to get excellent notes on whatever they might be studying. Whether it’s English, Science, History or Art, there is a demand for your old notes. It’s said that some have made over 2 grand in a year just through selling their notes on Stuvia.

Make & Sell Stock Photos

Sell your stock photography to make extra cash every day

Are you something of a shutterbug? Got a solid HD camera lying around just gathering dust? Well, if you’ve got the photography skills, you can easily take stock photos and sell them online.

Stock photos are a massive industry as businesses require high-quality images in all sorts of fields. Because of this, businesses pay subscriptions to stock photo libraries, which in turn gets filtered down to the photographers and content creators.

Some stock photo sites include Shutterstock, PayLoadz and Adobe Stock. On these sites you’ll upload your work and get paid a small sum per image, per month. Like other entries on this list, the money starts small, but if you can put in the work and find a lucrative niche, you may quickly find that your monthly stock photo income increases regularly.

Make use of what you have around you. If you live in a historical city, take interesting photos of the architecture, sites and famous landmarks. If your home is stocked full of the latest gadgets and gear, take photographs of them and tailor your portfolio to tech firms.

Become a Clickworker

Clickworkers are people who do simple tasks online. It’s really that simple. The tasks that clickworkers undertake range significantly, but mostly they consist of basic digital tasks on behalf of businesses and companies.

The name comes from the site Clickworker, which is free to use site that gives you jobs that you can undertake on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s a lot like survey sites, but rather than submitting answers, you’ll be given tasks.

The tasks you’re offered will vary depending on what skills you list in your profile. And while you’ll get more tasks with the more skills you list, make sure that you only cover skills you’re confident in, because you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a task you have no idea how to finish.

According to coverage on Clickworker, the average hourly income is £7.50. Not too shabby considering you don’t need to leave home or find the work yourself. Still, Clickworker isn’t totally consistent, and it should be used in conjunction with other methods on this list to keep your income nice and healthy.

Test Websites & Apps

Make extra cash without buying or investing anything

Companies and businesses rigorously test their digital material before publication to ensure that there are no glaring errors or faults. Luckily for us, this means there are hundreds if not thousands of companies in need of testers at any given point.

Through third-party sites like Enroll, TryMyUI and Webusability, you can get paid for following test instructions on builds for websites and apps. Usually, you’ll need to record yourself so that the company knows your usage was authentic.

Still, if you’re comfortable with that, it can be a very easy way to make money, as some tests can reach up to around $30. Not bad for following some instructions.

If you have experience in user experience or user interface design, you can make even more money, as rates are highest for specialised testers. If you don’t already have the experience, you could even take a short course to boost your skillset (and your income).

Submit Entries to Competitions

It may surprise you to know that entering competitions isn’t as much of a gamble as you might initially think. In fact, there are subcultures dedicated to winning competitions. You could win money prizes, coupons, gift cards, cars, tech, appliances, property, all just by entering competitions.

The reason why entering competitions can be so lucrative is that most people do not enter them. Many people assume that their chances of winning are so low that there’s little point in submitting an entry. This is beneficial to you as you can have a significant edge over the average person who most likely enters one competition a year, if that.

While it’s time-consuming, and rewards are definitely not guaranteed, there are plenty of resources for entering competitions and increasing your chances at success.

Think of it as a habit, or a micro job. If you set a target to enter a number of competitions each day, you’ll eventually see some returns. The best part about this is that the range of prizes is massive, and since competitions are free to enter, you’re not really losing out by giving it a shot.

So there you have it! Just a few ways you can help out your bank account by being smart online. We’ve covered everything from freelancing to survey completion, so wherever your skills may lie, there’s certainly something on this list you can try out.

If you found this post to be useful, why not share it with a couple of your friends? And if you have any of your own clever money making tips, leave a comment below to share the love.

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