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Krenig shop review – What I bought and how good are the leather wallets from Krenig. In case you never heard of, they produce and sell high-quality leather wallets, key cases, handbags, and many other accessories.

Krenig shop review by missmv uk lifestyle blogger

In case you never heard of, they produce and sell high-quality leather wallets, key cases, handbags, and many other accessories.

When I discovered I was a bit sceptical about the quality of their leather, having bad experiences with other shops in the past. I did order one bag from a different shop and was supposed to be leather; although the feeling of the material was like leather, I couldn’t keep that bag because had a fishy odour.

Probably this happened to many of you and I had a sour feeling that I have wasted money for such a crap item. Most of this fishy odour ” leather products” are produced in China, that’s why I have decided to buy fewer fashion clothes and shoes produced in Asia. 

Why you should choose leather wallets from

I have mentioned in a preview article that my shopping habits have changed in the past few years and I prefer quality clothes and bags instead of many cheap items. 
Now let’s get back to and tell you about their goodies which you will definitely love them as much as I do.

I wanted a red leather wallet since a long time, in fact, I was hoping to receive it as a Christmas gift, but my partner didn’t know what design I like and he let me buy that on my own. 

I have decided to buy a wallet and a key case from Kreniguk and cannot describe the feeling when I receive my parcel within one week, super fast compared with many other online shops. 

Krenig wallet box
( this is how I received my Krenig wallet boxed)

The parcel was carefully boxed, each item with a magnificent package, exactly the same standard like many other designer items. The quality of the wallet was exceptional, design classic with many compartments for cards and coins, I said to myself, that’s it, I found the perfect leather wallet and all that thanks to

Krenig key case

The key case is similar quality to my wallet, superb design, chic zipper with a small mental belt so you can hold it in a fashionable way. This leather key case is very practical and saves me ages when I need to get ready to get out, I don’t have to search for all keys around the house, they are all in one place, safe and elegant.

Probably you don’t know much about this brand, but they grew steadily and planning to expand in many other countries across the world, that being said, I’m super satisfied to own such a premium leather wallet similar in quality and design with other luxury brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and many others. 

You can check their social media pages too for other updates and discounts.




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