How to make serious money blogging

How to make serious money blogging. If you wonder how is possible to make money with Your blogging in USA 2020, this article is for you. I will explain exactly how to be a professional blogger and make serious money blogging in the long haul.

How to make serious money blogging. If you wonder how is possible to make money blogging in 2020, this article is for you. I will explain exactly how to be a professional blogger and make serious money blogging in the long haul.


Nowadays, making money blogging is not anymore a myth. Everyone knows that the internet has opened up many ways to make money online, from e-commerce shops, memberships websites, social networks, online courses, e-book and of course personal blogs.

Professional marketers have started to earn money online more than a decade ago and even teenagers are earning a full-time income by reviewing all kind of toys, or the latest version of Nintendo.

No matter your circumstances, you must have a good reason to start making money blogging

Perhaps you want to enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and that’s totally understandable. A blog can offer you multiple opportunities and a better lifestyle.

Many of you are familiar with the blogging world, if not we are going to discuss in detail what is blogging and how you can turn a passion into a make money business.

In order to succeed with your blogging business, you should first define the theme of the blog. There is no point in writing random things on your blog because your readers may not find them useful, or nobody will search for those articles.

No one cares if you write on your blog about your last night dreams even if you are the president of America, that’s why, give the public what they need, a solution to their problem.

Everyone has got a problem and there are bloggers to solve that problem in almost every niche, the thing here is that somehow you have to become the best at solving problems and the people will surely discover your blog posts through the search engine and social media.

The idea is to get started with high-quality content that inspires your readers to visit your platform again. Just as I explained how to grow your Instagram engagement in this article, the same process applies to your blog, even more time and energy, but the reward will be set for as long as you keep your blog live.

When you start achieving popularity in the digital world, many big brands will ask you for advertisements and promotions through your blog. It will further help you to create a continuous stream of money with new marketing opportunities. There are millions of bloggers worldwide, but not all of them are equally successful.

There are unlimited ways to make money blogging – continue reading to discover some of the best methods

The reason behind the success is very simple; the one who makes efforts to create engaging, focused and interactive content can naturally succeed online.

Stay focused, write consistent blog posts every week, take plenty of time to edit the photos for your blog, because images play a key role to attract traffic to your blog.

How to make money serious money blogging

I know many people are still doubtful regarding how to Make Money online with Your Blog in 2020 and I don’t blame you, perhaps you haven’t understood all the aspects of the blogging world.

Let’s make some light under this money-making method.

First of all the blogging world wouldn’t exist if wasn’t profitable

If you have a doubt in your mind about making money with a blog, its time to change your mindset. There are so many successful bloggers who achieved a steady income with their blog alone, not to mention collaborations they do on Instagram and social media.

This is the era of internet and digital media; you have the option to choose how you want to use your time and internet allowance, either to waste your time binge checking social media, or by planting the seeds for your future investment business.

The earlier you start a blog the better, what content you write today it can be discovered years later, so all your effort will be greatly rewarded; I’m repeating again – write detailed articles with plenty images, many users are searching sometimes for specific images on Google, so there are many chances your blog to be discovered through your images.

One misconception about making money blogging is that this kind of business works only for stay at home mums and people who have plenty of free time.

That’s not the case, in fact, many individuals have started a blog while having a full-time job, either to supplement their income or to share their ideas and visions about a niche they are passionate.

Lifestyle Blogger
image source: canva


Blogging offers several options to make money

You have unlimited options to make money blogging. That’s the beauty of owning a website, you work as much as you like, anytime you want and from everywhere in the world, compared with social media, which some countries like China have banned Instagram and Facebook.

Now let me share some of the best methods to make money with a blog

Google AdSense

Although at the beginning of your blog Google won’t make you more than a few cents a day (in order to make money with Google AdSense, you will get paid only if someone clicks on ads placed on your blog).

The more articles you write, the more page views you will have and automatically your income from AdSense will start to grow.

If you are consistent you can earn a full-time income with your blog

To motivate you a little bit, I will give you an insight into what you can earn with AdSense.

Niches like finances, health, medical conditions, education courses, books, insurance content, automobile, mortgage, banking, loans, money-making methods articles and advertising SEO blogs typically get paid even £10 for a click.

So far, I never get paid that much for a click, the highest cost per click I have in AdSense was £1.10 which is not too bad, but that’s not happening very often.

Because Google is the middle man who manages the ads and payments for clicks, you don’t know exactly how much an advertiser will bid to have their ads placed on your blog.

Personally, I concluded that Google AdSense gets paid that hefty amount per click from advertisers and will pay you with change/leftovers for displaying their ads on your blog. No matter how much income your blog will make from AdSense, is better than nothing.

The second option to make money with your blog is by writing sponsored posts 

Usually, PR agencies will contact you to place sponsored content on your blog. This method is one of the best because you know exactly how much you will get paid and know the terms and conditions of such collaborations.

For more chances to find sponsored posts, you can join a few influencer platforms and list as many details about what you capable to do, to write articles, shoot photos and videos or share sponsored content on social media.

Here is a list with a few influencer networks that I recently got well-paid collaborations:


Join Intellifluence, the best platform for bloggers and influencers to make money blogging. Paid collaborations  for bloggers and influencers via Intellifluence.
one of the best network to get paid collaboration for your blog and social media

This network is great for small blogger influencers, but you might be surprised to discover how much is a brand willing to pay you for a sponsored article. Click here to join.

They also have a referral program that pays you to refer to brands, which will maximize your earnings.

Don’t be at the mercy of CPC networks – expand your blog that big, so advertisers will fight to sponsor your website


Make Money by Blogging
with Fiverr, you have the option to make money in many ways

This website is not just for bloggers but is for all freelancers who do micro-jobs. On this platform, I was lucky enough to partner with a business owner and get constant jobs for 6 months. That upgraded my income quite nice, so I know what I’m talking about when I recommend Fiverr.

Make sure to deliver great results to every gig and business owners will recommend you to their family and friends for sure. When you join this network, you can create as many gigs as you want.

As a blogger, you can make one gig first to offer a guest post on your blog for whatever amount of money you want, you need to be realistic with the charges otherwise you won’t get any jobs.

Another gig you can create is to do a shoutout on social media for X amount, describe all the details and don’t confuse people, if you do so, they will leave you bad feedback and chances to get hired will lower significantly.

To get an idea about how to start on this network is to look at other people what they selling. Register on Fiverr to see how it works and what kind of opportunities are there. 

 Affiliate marketing

I suggest ShareASale and that’s because it has a friendly system to apply for merchants to promote products, they have products from every niche, from fashion to gadgets and digital products. You can promote affiliate products on your blog, by writing reviews and social media depends on the rules of every merchant.

Write and sell eBooks

You heard about this before, but now is one of the best time to start writing a digital book and sell it either on your website, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Groupon, and other marketplaces.

Selling eBooks goes into passive income category, but that’s another subject and I will write about that in a few weeks. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive fresh articles and blogging tips in your mailbox.

Create and sell online courses

The same as eBooks, online courses go into a passive income stream, that means you can make money with your blog even when you sleep. This is not that easy as it sounds. To put together an online course requires hours of work, talent, creativity and knowledge.

You don’t want to sell a nonsense course to someone and expect to make a fortune. If someone is not happy with what you offer bad news will spread quickly, much quicker than you can imagine, because we live in a technology era.

You can sell your online courses through your own blog, on Udemy, Groupon, SendOwl and many other platforms. In the beginning try to sell your online course on platforms that charge a commission per sale and not a monthly fee, that way you don’t have to stress that you pay a subscription and not make any sales.

For the love of blogging, please do not fall into creating a Life Coach Course, this niche is oversaturated and you might not make any money at all.

Choose other niches that solve people problems, write down a few topics, research to see if there are many other sellers with the same course and rock your brain until you come up with a brilliant digital product to be proud of.

Supplement your blogging income with Airtasker

I recently discovered and I have to admit the platform is like afresh air in this crowded society that battles every day to make a living.

From Airtasker website you will instantly notice how clean and neat is the interface, no invasive ads, no pop-ups to distract you. The developers of Airtasker did a great job by keeping the website simple and straight to the point and hopefully they won’t change that very soon.

Why I included this website in this article, is simply because the money you make blogging is not the same every month. Being self-employed you need to earn enough income to pay your rent, bills and any other spendings.

Airtasker is like a micro job platform where people are requesting local help to fix their TV, furniture, clean the garden, even web designer and photographers can register on this platform and earn extra money.

On the other hand, if you’re a single mum, or need help to move your furniture or have something fixed, you can post the job and people will immediately start to contact you to help you.

Airtasker is pretty much like, TaskRabbit, Upwork and Amazon Mechanical Turk, the only thing that makes Airtasker better than other platforms, is the simple interface and positive feedback from people.

So far I didn’t get too deep to research about finances, how much commission they charge you or what are the exact rule of the website. If you are interested to make money along with your blog, give it a try to and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Success making money with a blog is not guaranteed

Blogging is a continuous practice. There is no secret formula for success; all you have to do is stay tuned and motivated to reach your goals.

To make money blogging is good to set up each month an income goal. Sometimes doing this it pushes you to reinvent and find sponsors for your blog and each collaboration no matter how big or small is, it will help to reach your goal.

Successful bloggers know how important is to network and create connections. On Eventbrite, there are every week events for bloggers, charity events, fashion events and so on.

Prepare some business cards to hand them over to people you meet and don’t be shy to market yourself. Explain to people that you are a professional content creator who helped many brands succeed, be honest and don’t lie about partnerships you had.

Get help from others to rock your blog

Whether you have a bit of blogging knowledge, or not, setting up a blog is not that hard as it sounds. With a domain and hosting from GoDaddy, you can have your blog up in less than 24 hours.

I understand if you are new to blogging world, it can feel intimidating, that’s why you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or Freelancer to do this work for you and you can focus on creating kick-ass content.

Another option is to start a blog on or, choose a theme, buy a domain name and you are set. The only inconvenience of hosting your blog on these platforms is the limitation you have with editing the style of any blog theme, plus the risk to have your blog deleted at any time.

I do not want to scarry you, but these platforms I mentioned have the right to terminate your account at any time, that being said, you should consider your investment wisely.

In the beginning, you can use a third-party platform to taste the blogging world. Alongside learn about ownership of website domains and hosting and build another blog as a backup, even if you have limited time to create articles, at least 4 articles a month will be better than nothing.

About this topic I will write in the next few weeks, that’s why you should subscribe to my newsletter to be updated with blogging tips.

Your blog success depends on traffic. The more visitors to your blog, the more opportunities and better income. Make sure you promote your blog on multiple social media platforms; a good start is Facebook and Instagram but also Twitter and Pinterest.

Collaborate with other blogger and place links on each other’s blog posts. Learn about SEO, the search engine optimisation, the most important part of ranking high on Google.

Comment on other blogs related to your niche, write thoughtful comments that will build a backlink to your website. The more quality backlinks you build to your blog, the better. Just do this tactic moderate to avoid being penalized by Google algorithm. 

Interact with your readers on a regular basis and motivate them to subscribe to your content.

In the end, I want to add that now is the best time to make money blogging, after Instagram limited the reach of many influencers, many decided to start a blog, so expect to be fierce competition in the blogging world in the next few years.

Arm yourself with knowledge, a good plan and multiple Important Ways to Make Money from Your Blog. 

If you like this article, write a comment and let me know how you make money with your blog. Share it on social media too, you never know when you need these information again.

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