Today we will talk about how to grow your Instagram page organically.

First of all, you need to understand what is Instagram and how it works, of course, you have to create a nice profile and post stunning photos with a short description, not too long because is boring and 99% of Instagrammers won’t read the description of the photo.

I started my Instagram account one year and a half ago and I already reached 13K, which I’m very proud of, but hey, it took me many hours and lots of research to achieve these results. I know many people do better, but I haven’t spent any money promoting my page, I did it on my own and I will explain how in the following article.

How to grow your Instagram page organically

When I first started Instagram, I felt like a lonely girl in a strange place worrying about what I’m gonna post, and will my content be good enough or not, I felt anxious, and I didn’t see the opportunity of this network and how profitable can be to earn an income, I was just using Facebook and Twitter, but not IG.

So, I started slowly, posting twice a week or less, and this didn’t bring any attention to my page until I began to share the location of my posts and add hashtags. Still, also I interact with other pages and interacting I mean… quite a few good hours a day.

So how did I make it happen?

Post high quality photos on insagram

Choose different topics for your Instagram photos to offer diversity to your fans

– I started to post at least once a day on my Instagram, good pictures, of my outfits, or my activity ( for example, I was planning a few good photo shoots with different topics, you can see on my Instagram – picnic, holiday, cars, motorbike, health&fitness, crafts and many more)

Share lifestyle content on Instagram-

– I know many people will advise you to choose a clear topic for your Instagram page, but I like diversity. Unless you are a brand and you need to promote your product, you should cover many topics that potentially will bring you new followers and of course new business.
Why I’m saying to cover many topics? is because if you choose to post daily just selfies or gym/workout, you will miss other opportunities out there and brands won’t reach you, which means you lose money.

Another thing that helps me grow my Instagram fast, is that I have joined many other networks, other than Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Bloglovin, Weheartit,, Chictopia, / i.thechive, other than these networks, I have followers coming from my blog too.

You don’t just have to join these networks and leave your profile without activity, engage with people, like, comment, follow, and let people know that you exist, I did it, and it worked for me, so it will for you.

– I don’t know if you are too much into photography, but, hey there is a considerable potential to be seen by new people ready to follow you if you join networks like Purpleport, ModelMyhem, Adobe, and many other websites for amateur models.

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I have joined a few of these websites, and many people started to follow me on Instagram, maybe by curiosity or because they want to connect with me and see my content, but it is well worth giving it a try because users on these websites are very active so you might get quite a large audience to your profile. Make sure you upload your best pictures to impress people, so they want to see more or contact you for collaborations.

Use the power of Instastory to drive leads to your business

– If you have a blog and many subscribers to your newsletter, you can shout them an email and invite them to follow you on Instagram. To make the email more attractive, you can include a giveaway post, or you can mention that you will follow them back because is nice to be connected on social media.

Alright, so until now, I talk mainly about getting Instagram followers from referral websites, now is the time to show you what strategy I use in my activity to grow organically, without giveaways or ads.

– So basically, I mainly post on my Instagram between 1 pm and 6pm, followed by an Instastory with a photo or video… next I post later in the evening for my international audience because is important to post at different times of the day, so people can be able to reach your posts. 

– When I post an Instastory, I include #tags and link to my latest YouTube video or my blog, I cannot miss this opportunity to promote my channels, so you better start to use all these tools if you want to grow your Instagram organically without paying a single penny.

Learn the power of Instagram hashtags and how to use them

– Next, I go on the IG main page where you search for tags or anything, and there my friend, there you want to be seen; you know why because there are featured the most popular posts or at least posts that you have interacted with in the past.

There you have to show yourself, and if you aren’t listed there, at least you go to every featured post, like, and leave a genuine comment, this is like a snowball for your Instagram. Many people will see your comment including the owner of the page you interact with, and a number of people will come to visit your page for various reasons.

– I make sure to check all private messages and answer politely to everyone, and if possible, I ask them questions about what they think about my latest posts.

– If I have new followers, I send them a private message saying thanks for connecting with me and hoping they will like my activity.

– I include all 30 hashtags ( with hashtags, you need to be wise and choose not more than 100K popular tags if you want to reach many people and maybe to be featured on the Instagram search page). Competition is fierce, and the less popular hashtags, the more chances you have to be discovered. Also, I change every day my hashtags, and even for older pictures, you will notice new activity on that post.

Now, this trick will sound boring but is very effective. When I discover a page with a lot of engagement, I’m going to every profile who engages, I like a few photos and comment something cool and guess what?, next day I see people coming to my page to do the same and even to follow me.

Show attention to your followers and make them feel valued by you

– When I check my Instagram I make sure, to return the interaction they did on my page, to show that they are important for me( see this is a big mistake many influencers do on IG. They forget that people make them popular and ignore likes and comments from their followers. They simply want you to consume their content.

Use Instagram tools to your own advantage

Another effective method I use to get new followers for my Instagram is sharing pictures with brand products and tagging them in my posts. Many people do this because it is very likely that a band will ask you to repost your photos to their page, which is a win-win situation, helping you to gain more popularity, to be reposted by a brand, you need to share awesome pictures, stating clearly their product.

– This trick can be used on any social network, not only Instagram, to get noticed. When you see an ad on Instagram, don’t just ignore it, like and comment on that page, I did it, and a brand advertiser came to my page to even invite me to try their products for free. Use this opportunity to stand out from the competition. In the end, it will pay off.

– The only paid shoutout promotion I did for my Instagram page was with Model citizen magazine. I have paid 50$ for a post on their Instagram and blog; I regret I did this because it didn’t bring me a wow result. I could do better if I had spent some more time on IG doing my routine. Hence, guys, keep your money and avoid this kind of paid promotion unless that account has hundreds of genuine comments for every post.

– You can run a giveaway competition, but this will bring activity on your page just for that free gift and nothing else unless you state clearly that you will run contests every month or every two weeks, this will keep people alert, and they will come back often on your page.

– Use cross-promotion – ask others to share your latest post on their page and you will do the same( this method is applied for blog posts too)

– Ask people to tag you in their posts; the more people order you and talk about you on social media, the more visibility your page gets.

– Even being sarcastic can make you go viral (I did leave a sarcastic comment to a popular post on Instagram, and for a few days, my profile visits increased by 400%, I got some new followers even with this method, so use all the tools to draw attention).

– For the love of social media, do not post awkward photos just so you can share something, skip posting content for a few days, and nobody gets hurt; your followers will still be there for you and will like to see good content, instead of some pumping crap every day. I know consistency is the key to growing on Instagram, but people want to see the quality, you probably come across some ridiculous photos, and you either ignored them or you unfollowed that user.

You do not want people to do the same to you, keep it real unless you are a superstar and you don’t care what you share on social media. Followers are a very fragile connection that can easily switch from being loved to being hated ( see an example of nusr_et, posting something on IG without seeing consequences will hurt your image very badly)

– Growing Instagram organically is a slow process and requires so much time, but the fastest solution is to hire an agency if you have a budget, usually, an agency will charge you a monthly subscription, which sometimes is not so cheap.
I haven’t used an agency but might do it for my Instagram business page.

Let’s connect on Ig, follow and comment on my latest post and let me know you have found me through my blog and I will return the follow and lots of love and engagement to your page.

If you have other tips to grow an Instagram page organically, please leave your comment below.

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