How tailwind can boost your blog traffic and income

How Tailwind can boost your blog traffic and income while you spend your time with family and friends, or even while you sleep. Things get even better because you can schedule Instagram posts too with Tailwind.

Tailwind the secret tool to boost traffic to your blog. Schedule Pinterest pins for free for the whole month.

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Are you interested in starting a new blog? I know you want to become a full-time blogger and live the life you always dreamed of, achieving financial independence through your online business. Luckily, I know a precious tool that many bloggers are using to manage the hardest part of marketing and that’s Tailwind.

First of all, I want to make you aware of the fact that there are millions of active blogs online, out of which only a handful of them are successful and make money. The rest are just abandoned, or the owners are struggling to create content and build their brand.

I decided to share with you one of the most efficient marketing tools that 90% of successful bloggers are using to drive massive traffic from Pinterest to their websites. 

You might, or might not come across Tailwind reviews, but is time to pay attention if you want to take your blog to the next level and make money like a real entrepreneur.

Before I sign-up for Tailwind free trial, I was a bit sceptical and had no idea what to expect, but the minute I dived into all the features I fall in love with this powerful marketing tool.

Let me explain what is Tailwind and how does it work, to get a better idea before you decide to register for a free trial.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an official partner with Pinterest and Instagram, that allows you to schedule Pinterest pins and Instagram posts, track and monitor analytics, join Tribes (groups of people who share/ re-pin each other’s content), monitor and inspect the performance of Pin Boards and Instagram posts.

Many bloggers prefer to use Tailwind because is one of the most efficient scheduling tools for Pinterest and Instagram, in fact, is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that can serve a variety of purposes. Using Tailwind, you can do the following tasks with ease:

  • Upload images instantly.
  • Target new audience using Tailwind tribes.
  • Schedule your pins at the best times
  • Analyse and measure the performance of pins and boards and Instagram posts
  • You have more chances to get your Pins viral
  • Tailwind allows you to post on Instagram and Pinterest while you sleep
  • You have access to professional guide from Tailwind that teaches you when, where and how to Pin to achieve maximum exposure for your blog

I know how much you value your time, that’s why I strongly suggest to register with Tailwind and boost your traffic blog and income. Sign-up here to get $15 Off when you upgrade your plan.

Why Bloggers Use Tailwind to Drive Traffic on Their Blog?

One of the biggest reasons behind lost engagement on blogs is poor scheduling and publishing. Many bloggers fail to share their content at the right time; therefore, you cannot reach your audience at its peak time activity. With Tailwind, you schedule Instagram posts when your followers are most active, the same applies to Pinterest.

Just imagine you’re on holiday, spending time with your family and friends and Tailwind will post the content on your social media automatically.

To enjoy the sweet taste of freedom, you can upload content in bulk and Tailwind will spread the posts online at the best optimal times. You can change the time and date for any Pin, as per your convenience.

Efficient analytics and reporting:

Tailwind can help you make an in-depth analysis of your online performance.

Every week you will receive an email about your performance; detailed analytics for an individual pin, boards, and your profile. Is good to check statistics in your dashboard, to see what Pins or Instagram posts perform best, then create similar content to boost your online visibility.

Tailwind tribes:

This feature helps to create a collaborative, friendly, and spam-fee community online where all like-minded people share content with each other. It also helps to establish connections with other bloggers and grow your chances of making viral pins.

When joining Tailwind free plan, you are allowed to join 5 tribes and share 100 free pins, that includes when you pin content from others too, so use the system wisely. If you want to unlock this limit, you can upgrade your account to Tailwind Plus and schedule 400 Pins per month.

Click here to Join Tailwind

More Pins means more traffic to your blog, which convert into sales and subscribers to your blog. To be able to join more than 5 tribes, you can buy the PowerUps plan for $7.49 or pay for the whole year $59.99.

I’m currently on Tailwind Plus plan and I have the PowerUps plan too and I love juggling between tribes to schedule my pins in multiple boards and tribes.

Once you upgraded your Tailwind plan, search for tribes that have high engagement. Don’t be fooled by a large number of members. Usually, tribes with a smaller number of members are the ones that share your pins and engage with your content.

Amazing benefits of using Tailwind for Blogging:

As soon as your account is ready, Tailwind can guide you step by step to adjust all essential settings. The process appears easier for beginners as well; hence, we call Tailwind an essential tool for bloggers. Below I highlighted a few benefits of using Tailwind for blogging:

Bulk scheduling for your blog:

The biggest advantage of using Tailwind is that it allows users to schedule multiple pins online directly from your blog. When you share fresh pins, it becomes easier to keep your audience satisfied and engaged online.

Broad lists of keywords:

Tailwind allows users to create broad lists automatically. These lists play an important role in the long run to boost the impressions of your Pinterest Profile. When your lists are loaded with all relevant keywords, it becomes easier to capture audience attention.

Tailwind identifies peak times:

Another amazing thing about Tailwind is that it automatically detects peak times when your audience is online.

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Even if you join Tailwind, you can still pin manually in your spare time, just be careful and don’t pin exactly the same image to every board, Pinterest might flag you as spam and you risk having your account banned. You can create different images and point them to same link, this way is safer and you comply with Pinterest rules.

Summary: Is tailwind worth investing?

In simple terms, Tailwind is the most reliable and feature-rich tool to make our posts go viral online.

 It is loaded with plenty of advanced features that save much of your time while promising efficient results. Tailwind offers the best way to engage your audience, have guaranteed re-pins/shares of your content in the long run, as a result, you can set up a solid brand impression online.

Whether you have established a blog platform for brand promotion or want to ensure higher engagement on your creative articles, Tailwind can serve your needs in the long run.  

Ready to join Tailwind and Pin effortless and schedule Instagram posts? Click to register an account on Tailwind and fire the engine to your online presence.

Do you already use Tailwind? Are you satisfied with the results you get for your blog?

Feel free to leave any tips about Tailwind so we can grow together.

Schedule Pinterest Pins like an expert with Tailwind. How Tailwind helps you schedule Instagram posts for free.
How bloggers get tons of blog traffic from Tailwind tribes and how you can do the same. Grow your blog traffic with Tailwind.

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