How bloggers actually make money

How bloggers actually make money in 2020 – Full disclosure of how bloggers make money and the networks that help you to get sponsored blog posts. Although blogging has been forgotten by many content creators in the last few years, social media algorithm forced many bloggers to make a backup plan and create a personal blog.

How bloggers actually make money in 2020 and how you can do the same even if you are beginner. Discover all blogging networks that help you to make money with your blog and social media and a few tips to become a professional marketer.
Making money with a blog is not that complex at it sounds

Although blogging has been forgotten by many content creators in the last few years, social media algorithm forced many bloggers to make a backup plan and create a personal blog.  

You need to understand the basics before you make money with a blog

Discussions on Facebook groups are very hot regarding blogging topic, especially how to monetize a blog and to get paid sponsorships.

World wide web has opened a lot of avenues for people to earn money by sharing their interests. Maybe you heard of corporate quote stating, ‘make your passion a profession’? If yes, then blogging is one such field! It is not a very fast way to earn money in initial phase but once you have established your online presence, the opportunities are endless.

This post is to answer all those queries which you might have on bloggers! Who are bloggers? What do they do? How do they earn money?

What is blogging?

Blogging is one area where you can to introduce yourself to the world through means of your interests! In other words, if you love travelling, you can start your own travel blog and share your experiences to assist people in choosing their destinations.

If you love food, you can be a food blogger. If you love writing, you can start your blog which portrays your writing skills and motivates people to share their thoughts and learn. It is like starting your own hustle with a flavour of uniqueness and experience.

Choose your niche before you decide to make money blogging.
Do you have a weak spot for puppies? Share your training skills on your
blog and make money from your passion

Another well-paid niche is cars blogs and videos. Cost per click is very high when advertisers want to place ads on a car blog and that’s because the return they get is very profitable.

I remember when I was searching online for information to unlock the DSG gear of my car and I couldn’t find almost anything. I had to figure it out myself by forcing the gear until the system reset itself.

You see, I have discovered a niche which is not too crowded and by starting a blog teaching people how to deal with their car problems opportunities are enormous, you just have to grab them.

As they say, the blogging field is like a sea, you just need to pick up right salmon!

How bloggers make money?

This is a very interesting question which pops up in every mind that thinks about blogging! People have gone from part-time to full-time in their blogging careers! So, there must be something which keeps them glued and motivated. That’s right, it’s the money! Who doesn’t want to do what they love and make money from a blog by travelling around the world?

There are endless ways to make money with a blog; here is a more detailed article that explains how to make money blogging

Everything you need to know about how bloggers to make money

Followers – Subscribers to your email list

There are millions of blogs out there on the same topic but not all of them are making money! The first thing before starting a blog, you need to focus on a niche, have unique valuable content and stand out from the crowd. It is like a tree; you need to nurture the seed before you can eat the fruits.

Yes, it does take relentless nights and weekends to create content and grow your blog to a sizeable figure, but everything will work in your hand once you become an influencer in the digital world.

Once you create your first blog post, you should include a newsletter widget to allow people to subscribe to your list asap. Every single visitor matter and your priority is to make sure a call to action ( newsletter form) is displayed on your blog right from the beginning. Some people recommend having at least 10 articles published before you implement a newsletter.

I suggest that you should to add a newsletter to your blog right after you publish your first article if you don’t want to miss out subscribers. Is not easy to get people to subscribe to your blog newsletter, just like any other network, people won’t follow you on social media if they don’t find value in your content. 

Deliver outstanding articles, with bright images, easy to remember and people will find your blog more appealing, therefore they will become your subscribers/followers.

Followers are like your bread and butter as their absence/presence can turn the game upside down.

To build your email list faster, you can offer a free e-book to your readers, or any other digital freebie in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. Many bloggers do this trick and it works every time. There are many free e-books to download and use to create your email list.

How to make money blogging for beginners and experienced content creators

Once you have a decent number of subscribers you have numerous ways to monetize  your blog

Your email list will grow steadily, the more articles and visitors you have the more people will become subscribers to your website. Once you have a decent number of subscribers, blogging will become so much easy – you will have the option to sell and announce almost anything in the newsletter. Some bloggers get paid quite well to include sponsored links in their newsletter.

It is proved that email is still one of the most powerful marketing methods, with at least 30% opening rate. Encourage your social media followers and YouTube audience to join your mail list, grab as many subscribers as possible and sponsorships will start to pour in no time

Build your email list to ace your blogging business


Ad networks

Bloggers partner with many advertisement networks, that allow them to places ads in the sidebar and in between articles/blog posts. These advertisements play simultaneously, and bloggers are paid per thousand impressions or per click based on the advertiser policies.

Emphasizing the point above, the more subscribers you have the more will be the views/clicks. These advertisements should be on the same theme as your blog, you might now want to associate your website with non-related content that will disturb your audience.

The main ad network to start monetizing your blog is Google Adsense. It is not enough to make a living these days from Google but is a little side income that can build in a long time.

Other networks that pay per click or per thousand visitors: 

  •  – Infolinks;  somehow I haven’t been approved in their network and my blog has great content with a decent amount of visitors
  •  –; the good thing about is that they pay per thousands of views, unlike Google Adsense which pays for clicks.
  •  – Mediavine; for Mediavine you need to have a minimum of 25000 visitors per month to be approved
  •  –; for Adthrive you need at least 100k visitors per month to be approved in their network.

There are numerous ad networks to make money with your blog, but I do not recommend to use more than 3 of them since you will clog your website with ads, making it load very slow, therefore visitors will abandon the page and will hurt your brand.

When a visitor opens a web page and spends less than 30 seconds, search engine will mark your blog as less valuable, that’s why you need to invest in a good hosting package that will load your blog faster.

Ideal will be to buy a dedicated server, or VPS rather than selecting a shared plan, which will dramatically impact the load speed of your website, even if you have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month and multiple ads across your articles.

As a newbie blogger is tempting to join many ad networks, and build hopes that you will make cash right from the beginning, but I strongly advise to stick with the ones that I already mentioned, to avoid being a victim of malware ads that will ruin your website and reputation. let's collaborate. Let me review your products on my blog and social media.



Working directly with brands is by far the best method to make money with a blog. You can charge a fixed amount for a sponsored article, depends on what the brand, require, perhaps you will need to shoot images and videos and this will allow you to charge more since you not only advertising a product, but you also create content ( first of all you use your time, your creativity, your photoshoot and editing skills).

An average blogger can charge a shy 50£ for a sponsored post without shooting the images, the brand/advertiser must provide you with the photos or videos, or you might use free stock images to create beautiful and attractive articles.

On top of writing the article, you need to calculate how you price your time and skills in such a way that you won’t charge too much to turn down a deal, but also not to undersell your services and miss out an important amount of money.

If you are right at the beginning of blogging, or you receive a free item in exchange for a sponsored post, do a little research and make sure the value of that product covers your time to write and create great content, otherwise, you should reject such deals since you do not want to associate your name with low-quality merchandise.

There is nothing wrong to review cheap products, but your image is more important and your subscribers will not be interested to buy low-quality items, as well as brands, they won’t accept to be represented by somebody who is reviewing anything comes in their hand.  

A few platforms to get paid blog posts and product exchange

  •  intellifluence (paid opportunities for social media too)
  • ( paid sponsored posts)
  •  Facebook groups
  •  Instagram

 – Contact directly companies that appear in Google ads on your blog and offer them better advertising rates.

Invest in your blog layout to convert into leads. You might also like to read why you should invest in a blog rather than social media

Design your blog to convert leads

The design of a blog is what makes it different from the competition, but also a tool to drive leads. It can be a bit expensive to hire a web designer to make the settings for you, but you also have the option to learn yourself with online tutorials and use the money to promote your blog.

Make a clear link in the top menu of your blog to state that you want to collaborate and include statistics about your blog traffic, your social media followers, newsletter subscribers and perhaps, past collaborations.

You might like to read How Tailwind can boost your blog traffic and income

Self promote yourself in between your blog articles. In every article you write, include an eye-catching banner/image with the message ” Let’s collaborate” or ” Let me review your products”. You need to squeeze every opportunity to generate income from your blog, especially writing a sponsored post. Don’t be shy to ask people to hire you!

Best blogging platform to make money. How bloggers make money online and the networks to join for paid opportunities
There are many blogger networks to find paid opportunities,
you just need to find the ones that work for you

Selling your own product

Most bloggers use their own platform to interact with buyers and make a direct sale. If you are a fitness blogger for instance, you can share your own videos of workout plans and dietary habits. People would pay for your expertise and this is how you earn money.

You can sell e-books or anything that you think can’t be pirated so you don’t suffer losses. It might be too early for you to launch your own product if you are a beginner. But maybe three to four years down the line when you have a base of loyal customers, you can try this!

Write an eBook

Write an eBook and publish on Amazon kindle or sell it as a paper book with agencies that take care of everything, from reviewing your book to marketing and sales. If you choose to publish your book with an agent, you will be charged a large percentage from every sale, but you don’t even have to lift a finger since the publishing house will handle the payment and returns on your behalf.

Write and sell courses

If you don’t know how to write a course, you can hire a freelancer to help you, or buy a course with reseller rights and invest in paid ads through social media. Before you decide to choose this money-making method, do a little research to check what courses people are buying and create a marketing strategy that will fit within your budget.

So how much money do bloggers make?

Promote affiliate products

Many bloggers achieved finance freedom from affiliate marketing. By promoting affiliate products, you receive a commission for every sale you generate.

There are two methods to earn money from driving sales to other companies. The main one is a one time paid commission, you drive visitors to your affiliate link, people buy and that’s it. The other method is a recurring paid commission every month.

Not many people mention this type of affiliate programs and that’s because they don’t want to share their slice of cake. Just like any other affiliate networks, when too many people promote products, the commissions become lower and cookies will last shorter. Recurring commissions are usually paid by software companies, web hosting, membership clubs, cloud storage, dating apps, photo editing programs, and payment processors. 

Life is so much easy when you invest time and energy to create awesome content and receive passive monthly income from affiliate recurring commissions. To be honest, this is one of the best methods to make money with a blog and get paid for life. Some of the monthly services do not pay a recurring commission, but instead, they prefer to pay one large commission for obvious reasons, to keep the recurring payment for themselves.

Some well-known affiliate networks that pay a one-time commission

  •  – Amazon affiliate
  •  – Commission Junction
  •  – ShareASale
  •  – eBay affiliate network

 Some of the affiliate companies that pay recurring commission

Make money with your blog offline

You might wonder how is possible to make money with a blog offline, so pin this article to remember easily everything is mentioned here. Once you created your blog and have at least 100 articles, invest a little money in advertising, make your name a brand and search for events that require public speakers.

You got the idea, a public speaker is extremely well paid, depends on which event you attend and how many hours your presence is required, you can charge a pretty handsome sum just by showing your face and speak for a few minutes.

There are fashion events, food events, book release events, products launch, and opening business events, the list goes on and on, so go ahead on Facebook events, or Eventbrite and search for upcoming events.

Make a list with some events which you might enjoy to attend and contact the organizer and offer them your services, for example, to share their event on social media and blog, or to attend their event and invite your followers to take part as well.

In order to succeed you need to get out of your comfort zone and make your own success, ACTION EQUALS TO REACTION!

Visit your local businesses and ask if they are interested to collaborate

Meeting a business owner face to face has a strong impact on decision making. If you have great communication skills use them to grab some good deals with local businesses.

Usually, this type of collaboration becomes a long-time partnership since the brand meets you directly and some kind of trust is built. Be professional, be genuine and communicate exactly how you can improve the image and sales of their company.

Not every blog generate the same money, every niche is more valuable than other

How much money do bloggers make?

This is a very subjective question as there is no direct answer to it. People make a few hundreds of dollars to thousands to millions of dollars through blogging. Blogging is a gradual thing, you might be a tremendous blogger, but you need time to build your audience! You need to invest in advertisements, hosting, and the best software that will help you convert sales. 

Research is important in blogging as you can’t just dive into the sea without a life jacket! But to give you a ballpark number, you can think of a minimum income of £1000 in your first 6 months which can pace up and go till £5000 by the end of one year. This has the potential to multiply 5-10 times by the end of the second year.

How bloggers actually make money and how you can do the same. You surely can become a millionaire from blogging. If you passionate about your blogging and work hard, you can make a fortune from blogging.

There are countless stories of bloggers who started this as a part-time career and went from zero to thousands! On the other hand, there are many such stories where people stayed at zero or dived negative! But it is worth mentioning here that the sky is the limit if you continue with experimentation, uniqueness and cater to the dynamic audience.

Few Bonus tips:

  • Experimentation and transparency are the keys in blogging!
  • You need to have the right foundation complemented with your risk-taking skills to monetize your blog.
  • You should not deceive or confuse your audience at any stage. Always state at the beginning or the end of an article if you include affiliate links or sponsorships.

In the end, I’d like to know how you make money with your blog and what networks do you use to monetize your website. If you enjoy reading this article, subscribe to my newsletter for fresh content and share the link on social media, it will help me massively.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means that I might receive a commission if you register or buy from my referral link, at no extra cost to you.

How bloggers make money step by step, plus all the websites to find paid opportunities for your blog and social media. The best methods to make money from your blog in 2020 step by step.
Pin this so others can learn how to make money with a blog

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