Gender-neutral name ideas with special meaning

Gender-neutral name ideas with special meaning. If you and your partner find yourself in the situation to choose a unisex baby name, you are not alone. Many people find difficult to choose a name with special meaning for their baby.

Gender-neutral names ideas with special meaning

Babies are a wonderful gift and all parents cherish their bundle of joy. From the moment you become pregnant, all the small details are starting to build up in your mind. All emotions and changes that occur in your body are just the starts of what you’re about to create.

As the pregnancy evolves, you start to question whether your baby gender might be, therefore a list with gender-neutral names will be really helpful.

We all know how important a name can be for an individual since it establishes the person’s identity.

In today’s modern world when we talk about equality of sexes, is obvious that there is no differentiation in names either. Nowadays, many parents opt for a gender-neutral or unisex name for their baby.

Some unisex names are truly unique and meaningful, and others have slight variations in spellings.

This gender-neutral names list will save you lots of time trying to find a unique and meaningful name for your baby.

Choose a few names from this list to have it when the moment comes to give your baby an identity:

1. AARYA – This beautiful name means Prayer

2. AUSTEN / AUSTIN – means Magnificent or great. For every parent, nothing is greater than their little one

3. BILLY / BILLIE – means a Staunch protector. A person who will stand by your side forever

 4. BOBBY / BOBBIE – means Shining or bright

5. CHARLEY / CHARLIE – means Independent. That is every parent’s desire, to see their child grow up to be a confident and independent individual.

6. DYLAN –means a Son or daughter of the sea

7. EDEN – means Paradise or heaven


9. FRANCIS –means a Free soul or liberated

10. GLEN / GLENN – means Sheltered valley

11. JADE / JADEN – means a Precious stone, especially popular in China.

12. JESSE / JESSIE – means Rich or wealthy

13. JULES – means Youthful or lively

14. KELLY – means Warrior or fighter

15. LEE – means The one who lives near the woods

16. LUCY-ANN / LUCIAN – means The one who brings light

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17. NOEL / NOELLE – means Born on Christmas

18. PHOENIX – means Reborn or resurrected

19. RAPHAEL – means God has healed

20. REESE – means Passion or zeal, enthusiasm

21. ROBIN / ROBYN – means Shining, bright, famous

22. SAGE – means The wise one

23. SUNNY – means Bright and cheerful

24. TERRY / TERI – means Smooth, silky

25. TORI / TORY – means Win or victory

26. WYNNE – means Honest or fair

27. XOAN – means God is great/good

28. ZION – means Uplifted or raised up

29. ALEX – means To defend

30. ALEXIS –means the Protector or defender

31. ALI – means Inspirational or sublime

32. DARRYL / DARREL – means Loved one or darling

33. JAMES / JAMIE – means One who follows or loyal

34. KENDALL – means Belonging to the royal valley

35. LONNIE – means One who is ready for battle

36. MACKENZIE – means Favored one or child of a leader

37. MADISON – means Powerful or mighty in war

38. MORIAH – means Taught or guided by God

39. PAYTON / PEYTON – means Coming from a small town

40. ROSHAN – (Indian) – means Brightness of light

41. SAMIN – (Indian) – means Self-disciplined person

42. TANMAYA – (Indian) – means Engrosses or Totally dedicated

43. SUDARSHANA – (Indian) – means a Person who is beautiful all over, inside-out

44. NIRMAL – (Indian) – means Pure, Chaste, Virtuous

45. PRAGNYA – (Indian) – means A learned person, well-known scholar

46. PUNIT –(Indian) – means Pure of heart, holy

47. RAJNI / RAJANI – (Indian) – means Knight/royal

48. KANAK – (Indian) – means Gold

49. KIRTI / KEERTI – (Indian) – means Fame or popularity

50. MADHU – (Indian) – means Sweet like honey

51. GEET – (Indian) – means Melodious song, divine music

52. GOPI – (Indian) – means Protector of cows, unconditional devotees, or lord Krishna

53. AVIKA – (Indian) – means Charismatic personality, bright like the sun

53. CHAND – (Indian) – means Moon

55. CHARU – (Indian) – means Exceptionally beautiful, flower name (Sanskrit)

56. ANUPRIT – (Indian) – means a Symbol of luck & power

57. HARSHA – (Indian) – means Joy, happiness

58. KIRAN –(Indian) – means Rays of sunlight, hope

59. PRAVIN – (Indian) – means Skilled or accomplished

60. UTKARSHA – (Indian) – means Rising or advancing in life

61. AKIRA – (Japanese) – means Clear or bright

62. HIKARU – (Japanese) – means Radiance or light

63. MINORI – (Japanese) – means Truth

64. MASUMI -(Japanese) – means True, clarity

65. SEIKO – (Japanese) – means Force or power

66. YOSHI -(Japanese) – means Righteous one or lucky

67. YUUKI -(Japanese) – means Gentle  

68. MAKOTO – (Japanese) – means Sincere

69. JUN – (Japanese)- means Obedient, honest

70. HIRO -(Japanese)- means Generous

71. NOOR / NUR – (Urdu/Muslim) – means Light

72. SHILOH – (Hebrew)- means Peace

73. ARADHYA – (Sanskrit) – means First one

74. CHANG – (Chinese) – means Prosperous

75. NUSRAT – (Muslim) – means Help

76. TANVIR / TANVEER – (Muslim) – means Rays of light

77. SAKAE – (Japanese) – means Prosperity

78. LEI – (Chinese) – means Upright or honest

79. MAKI –(Japanese) – means True or precious

80. NYASHA –(African) – means Mercy

81. HUAN – (Chinese) – means Pleased or happy

The list of names is endless and there are many to choose from every community and religion. It’s up to every individual to envisage what they wish their child to represent in future and select the name accordingly.

They say that a person’s name has an influence on his / her personality, consciously or sub-consciously.

Selection of unisex names is very common these days. Even a simple name will remain in someone’s mind for a long time after you meet. Whether you choose a cool and interesting name, or something less fancy, make sure is easy to spell.

If you have other suggestions, leave a comment below and share your gender-neutral names with others. Is most likely to help others who struggle with this task.

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    The Indian names are so unique, but I feel like they would be hard to pronounce!

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