Easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit

Easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit. DIY crafts to make and sell at Christmas.

Easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit

If you love crafts and love creating all kind of art, toys or home decorations, perhaps its time to monetize your skills.

Christmas might be the best time to start a craft business; the reason is obvious, people want to buy unique gifts that cannot be found everywhere on high street.

I know from personal experience that unique crafts are in high demand and every year I’m trying to buy something that will wow my loved ones, even if is a small gift.

Just as myself, many people are willing to buy your crafts, that’s why starting now in September will give you plenty of time to create awesome crafts and sell them for profit.

The perfect place to start selling crafts is Etsy, but not only that. You can also list your creations on social media, Facebook groups, Folksy, Amazon Handmade, Ebay and your own store.

I have included the source to images listed in this article so you can take a look and see rightly how much you can charge for your art. Do some research and start now. There is plenty of room for every artisan to market and sell their crafts.

People love hand-made crafts because it looks more original and attractive than common gifts. So why don’t you take full advantage of Christmas to not only sell DIY things but also to become a part of people happiness.

The crafts listed on further in this article, doe not require any special skills, all you need is to follow the tutorials and practice a bit until you master the one that you like the most.

Now let’s reveals the easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit.

1.Citrus garland tree

Citrus garland tree
image source: pinterest

Any small or medium-sized tree can be decorated beautifully with a citrus garland. Those people who love citrus fruits will definitely want a decorated citrus tree in their home.

You can easily make it by connecting dried orange slices with a piece of wire or thread. They can be placed randomly in the Christmas tree and will make a truly unique decoration. Alternatively, you can attach the citrus garland as a Christmas decor accessory just as shown in the image above.

2.Burlap Christmas wreath

DIY christmas burlap wreath
image source: Instagram

People spend a lot of money on fancy and expensive wreaths and there is no reason why you shouldn’t cash in a good chunk of money by making and selling Christmas wreaths.

For this DIY wreath you will need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Yard of burlap
  • Christmas picks/sprays
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Jute

Checkout this easy tutorial how to make Burlap Christmas wreath.

3. Glitter painted bulbs

image source: Instagram: @mjjcreations

You can make a lot of colourful glitter bulbs that can be hanged in Christmas tree.

All you need:

  • Glue
  • Different glitter colours.
  • Hair spray
  • Light bulbs

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4. Mini Christmas button tree

DIY Mini Christmas button tree
image source: Instagram @mayumifiberartsculpture

As cute as it looks, this Christmas tree is fairly easy to make.

What you need to make this craft:

  • Small brown stick (almost 4 inches)
  • Artificial stick leaves
  • Colourful buttons
  • Golden wire for hanging

Attach leaves through glue on tree stick. Once done gum buttons on random places.

5.Christmas tree star

Christmas tree star
image source

6. Santa wreath

mesh santa wreath. tulle santa wreath DIY
image source

Every kid loves Santa Clause. The Santa wreath at your door will welcome every guest coming to your home.

To make this beautiful wreath you need:

  • White fabric
  • Santa Cap
  • Round foam
  • Sticky tape

Connect the two ends of round foam with sticky tape. Cover the foam with white fabric and put the cap on top of it

7. Penne star

Pasta ornaments - Easy Christmas tree ornaments. Penne pasta christmas tree star DIY
image source: pinterest

We all love pastas, but what if we can turn those pastries into amazing starts;

For this pasta star you will need:

  • Penne
  • Glue
  • White color
  • Red ribbon

Connect penne with each other in a star shape. Colour them and attach a red ribbon for hanging it in the Christmas tree.

8. Makeup holder

makeup holder. Makeup organizer DIY christmas craft to sell

9. Colourful Bulb Wreath

Colourful Bulb Wreath

For making colorful bulb wreath you would need

  • Colorful bulbs
  • Hanger (not plastic)
  • Ribbon (color of your choice)
  • Green fabric

Change the shape of the hanger by pulling it down. Cover the hanger with green fabric once it becomes round to connect the bulbs with it. Tie the ribbon on top it.

10. Pom pom wreath


11. Paper straws wreath

Paper straws wreath

12. Burlap citrus wreath

Burlap citrus wreath


13. Christmas pillowcase

15. Photo frame

DIY photo frame for Christmas gifts

16. Christmas holidays cards

You can either make paper Christmas cards, or create digital designs and sell them online as digital downloads. Or you can choose both options to increase the chances to cash in for Christmas.

17. Calendars

DIY Calendars to make and sell before christmas

18. Dream catcher wall hanging

Dream catcher wall hanging

19. Burlap wall decoration

DIY Burlap wall decoration

20. Handmade sugar body scrubs

Handmade sugar body scrubs

21. Sweater Stocking

DIY Sweater Stocking. Christmas gift sock to make and sell before Christmas


22. Rock photo holders

DIY Rock photo holders

23. Scented bath salt

DIY scented Bath Salt to make and sell at christmas

24. Christmas mug

Christmas Mug
image source

25. Christmas candles

DIY Christmas candles

Candles are not only used for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays but it is widely used for romantic dinners. Check out this step by step guide to make Christmas candles.

26. Scented wax sachets

DIY Handmade botanical scented wax sachets

27. Handmade Botanical bottles

Handmade Botanical bottles

28. Sock snowman

DIY Sock snowman
image source: pinterest

Sock snowman needs no sewing skills. You can make this adorable sock snowman very easily which will be loved by kids and adults.

You will need:

  • White sock
  • Colourful Buttons
  • Ribbon (blue or red)
  • Small hat (blue or red)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Rubber band

Check this detailed tutorial on how to make sock snowman.

 29. Wine Cork Angels

DIY Wine Cork Angels

These adorable angels will not only make you smile but also make your room atmosphere more pleasant.

30. Rustic DIY mason jar with string lights 

Rustic DIY mason jar with string lights

31. DIY pom pom key ring

DIY pom pom key ring

32. DIY wall Christmas tree

DIY wall christmas tree

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